Just about everyone has experienced road rage while driving, or at least we think we have. Undoubtedly, we have all gotten angry at other drivers for how they behave while behind the wheel, but few of us have actually engaged in what the DMV classifies as road rage.

The DMV classifies these acts as road rage:

  • Hitting another vehicle with your car
  • Running another driver off the road
  • Pulling over and starting a physical fight with another driver
  • Convincing one of your passengers to fight with another driver
  • Using a weapon against another driver or their vehicle

Thankfully, most of us who claim to have experienced road rage have never done anything this extreme. More often than not, what most people experience is what the DMV likes to call aggressive driving.

Aggressive Driving typically occurs when a driver is angry or upset. Driving like this can result in the driver making reckless decisions behind the wheel.

Some of these bad decisions include:

  • Speeding
  • Honking
  • Not using turn signals
  • Cutting people off
  • Tailgating
  • Brake checking
  • Cursing at other drivers

Doing any of these while driving can increase the chance of you getting into a road rage incident, either caused by you or another driver. This is something no one wants to happen. The consequences of being involved can include going to court, paying legal fees, and possible jail or prison time. Those consequences would be getting of easy, compared to what could happen if things escalate too far.

By engaging in road rage, you not only risk possible legal troubles, you also risk causing damage to your vehicle, harm to yourself or your passengers, or even death.

One of the best ways to avoid road rage is to remain calm while driving. One way you can do this by listening to some of your favorite soothing music. You should also be sure to keep plenty of space between your vehicle and other drivers. It also helps to remember that nobody is perfect or purposely trying to get your way.

We have all experienced some anger and frustration while driving, but none of it is ever worth causing a commotion over. So remember to stay calm while driving.