The holiday season is a time for family gatherings. Family members from all over may be flying or driving in to spend time together.

Unfortunately for many families, this time of the year can be a rough one if a family member has been arrested and is waiting to go on trial. This is where a bail bond agent can help.

Many people feel that they can’t bail out a family member because the bail is too high. But bail agents ease that expense by putting up the bond with the jail. All the family has to pay is 10% of the bail and that doesn’t even have to be paid all at once. Maryville Bail Bonding will set up a 0% interest payment plan for the bail premium.

At a time when everyone is focusing their income on buying presents and traveling, you can still afford to bail a loved one out and have them join you for the holidays.

When you use Maryville Bail Bonding, a licensed bail agent will be with you during every step of bailing your friend or loved one out of jail. If for any reason you can’t drive to us, one of our agents will drive to you.

Call Maryville Bail Bonding at (865)518-8810 today and find out how affordable it is to bring your loved ones home for the holidays.